Great read about why math will rule Web2.0

This is an interesting read:

In a meeting last week, a friend of mine said he recently read that “this is the best time in the world to be a mathematician.” Couldn’t agree more. For the next 5 to 10 years, anyone who said in school, that “I’ll never use statistics, algebra or calculus again” knows where they can stick it (if they’d paid attention in school)…right in the bank.

However, as we approach the finite bounds of Moore’s law and the atomic realities of processor fab, I believe that a new spotlight will shine in technology. This will evolve into the Web3.0. A Web that isn’t going to be as much about math as it will be about quantum physics. Where’s Feynman???

Then again:
“Anything is peaceful from one thousand, three hundred and fifty-three feet.”

“I think I see my dad.”

3 Responses to “Great read about why math will rule Web2.0”

  1. Ted Dziuba Says:

    People who took a statistics class in college aren’t going to be driving the next generation software. These are the people who, in the words of Joel Spolsky, are writing “Yet Another Java Accounting System”. The real progress is going to be made by those with deep understanding of both mathematics and computer science. These are the people who have Ph.D.s in mathematics, people who can prove the fundamental theorem of algebra in five different ways in their spare time.

    Also, the linked article is painfully weak on technical details.

  2. jasonwiener Says:

    Interesting points…but I was making generalizations about those who had less foresight than the can of beer after class. Further, I don’t recall saying the link was the Rosetta Stone for Web2.0, but rather it was interesting. Cheers.

  3. Martin Hoffmann Says:

    Thanks for this interesting article.

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