And another thing!!! Macs in the Valley

In the 90’s if I walked into a meeting in the Valley with my PowerBook I got sideways glances and statements like “you work on Mac???” Now, it seems that times have indeed changed. Over the last couple (at least since I’ve decided to take notice) of months that on average 1 in 5 people, in meetings I’ve been in, are not Mac-based. It’s not because I’m meeting with people who aren’t developing heavy backend apps either. Quite the contrary. It’s rather remarkable (hence the post).

Now, instead of getting sideways glances about the fact that I have a PowerBook, I now get puzzled looks because I still use my 1st generation Titanium G4 book. I mean really…I’m not doing fractal encryption…I don’t plan on doing fractal encryption…Is it possibly that people have never seen this generation PBook and think it’s the hottest new thing??? Probably not. But it did consume cycles on my end.

It’s a very nice change to get off the StinkPad though. Bigger screens, nicer visuals, easier management and no more red trackbutton makes life oh so much better.

If I get Mono running on this thing as well, I may actually hand my StinkPad over to the shelf of doom…

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