You never realize how complicated it is…

Growing up, my father had a fully-decked out machine shop with a lathe, 2 breaks, a spot welder, a table saw, a drill press and the assorted s.h.i.t.t.o.n of detail tools like taps etc for working with metal. I recently started working on a project involving metal fab again and have had to call around to find this piece of metal and that tool, etc. Point being…I made fun of my Pops on more than one occasion on how that shop was taking up so much space. But DOH! Now that I need it (and had to sell it a couple years ago to pay of that damn loan), I wish I had it again. There’s always a right tool for the right job, and if you’re keen (or lucky) enough to know what that tool is AND can’t put your hands on it in double-quick fashion…well…then…it’s agony.

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