Racing seats…SUCH the right tool for the job!

In preparation for the 07 season (a season which will definitely top all those before for me), I began the videogame-side of training about a month ago. It works into the daily workout at 3 parts, once for an hour after fatiguing my body with my trainer and running 5 miles; once for an hour mid-day at lunchtime when I’m recovered from the morning workout; and once for a half-hour before I go to sleep and am not so alert.

This week my back started hurting pretty hardcore as I kept finding myself hunched over the wheel and definitely didn’t have the right ergo setup to mimic my body position in the car. Then, this past Wednesday was when I clinched needing a definite change. While at the gym, something went out of whack in my mid-back while doing crunches of all things. What the hell is that about?!?!?!?!

Today, with the assistance of a great eBayer, I picked up a Playseat Evolution chair. While the ergos are still not exactly what I’ll have in the F2000 car this year (the seat is 8 degrees shallow on the back angle instead of the 30 degrees commonly found open wheelers), it is WAY BETTER than hanging on my retro chairs and coffee table.

If you’re race training and you’re including a console/gaming component to your program, pick one up.

I did also see BobEarl’s chair after picking up mine (looks like it may be close to open wheel specs) and it may be a good one to try as well. Links are below for both.


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