Nike + is such a PLUS!

Today was the best run yet. Nearly broke 5mi in 45mins. The NikePlus gizmo for my iPod Nano is a Godsend. If you really want to get serious about training though, use it with a Polar Heart Monitor (I use the S625X). You don’t need the REALLY SUPERSIZED POLAR shoe pod, cuz the Nike+ attachment takes care of that. It’s better to watch your heartrate if you’re really gonna be banging out the distance.

For race training I do cardio for 45mins at 155-160 avg bpm (although i was at 146 today) and be in my VO2 max for the last 15 mins @ 172-177 bpm.

Having the NikePlus tracker with my iPod Nano is SUCH the way to train. Since I have super-flat feet, I can’t run in the Nike shoes made for the Nike+ dohickey. I’ve made a realy nice and basic velcro holder for it to go on top of my shoe. If anyone wants instructions on how to rig it, let me know (post a comment) and I can post the recipe. Mine’s a little nicer and more portable when compared to the others I’ve seen detailed.

Nike Plus run log

One Response to “Nike + is such a PLUS!”

  1. Alfredo Says:

    Can you post or email me how to make the nike ipod plus do hickey holder for my non-nike shoes?

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