1,000+ Downloads of my Python POS NLP Tagger

Well with less than 4 days to go until the 1yr anniversary of the release of my Simple Python Part-of-Speech (POS) NLP Tagger, it’s exceeded 1,000 downloads. That also marks the day I learned Python as I was getting my tires changed at Costco and had 6 hours to kill. Printed out the tutorials and took them with me. Got home, figured…let’s port Mark’s C# tagger to Python. That’d be a great way to figure things out. And voila! 1,000 downloads later, it seems to have been the right idea.

Here’s the link for those who wanna play with it.

If anyone needs anything special added to it, let me know. I’m loving LAMP+Python in general and dig excuses to make things better.

Oh yeah, I guess that also means my tires are a year old now too…drat!

2 Responses to “1,000+ Downloads of my Python POS NLP Tagger”

  1. The NLP Secret Says:

    What an interesting find.

    I was looking for NLP information referring to neuro linguistic programming, but instead I found your site.

    congrats on the downloads, although one has to wonder how many you have now that it’s nearly a year later.

  2. jasonwiener Says:

    Thanks John. Great point. As of right now it’s at 2,273. Not too shabby đŸ™‚


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