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Bay to Breakers (or more like brokens) 2007

May 21, 2007

This year’s Bay to Breakers in SF, CA was a insane experience.  Starting at 5am getting on Caltrain to the city, we we joinged about about 50 Santa Clara Univ students on the car who proceeded on polishing off agout 3 gallons of high-octane alcoholic prep for the race in the 1.25 hr ride.  NON-STOP laughter as everyone from the students to the 35 yr old HP execs to the 50+ mom’s and dads took part in the fun.  Off the train and to the race, was hilarious as well seeing the Playboy float that was made up of beds and kegs and a bevy of ladies.  Even more fun times.

The actual race start took a little longer than expected walking at a snails pace for about 3 blocks (to the line) and then 2 blocks after the start.  Got off to a good pace.  Brooke, Scott, T and I all started weaving in and out of the walkers and started to get a decent pace going.

Hopped up onto the sidewalk at 2nd Street and WHAM! uneven surface caught me off guard which quickly followed by my ankle turning and hearing a very audible POP! (even T heard it from 10 feet back).

Stopped VERY abruptly as I could hardly stand and knew immediately that the race (and my F2000 hopes for Cleveland, the Glen and Mid-O) went away with the sound of my foot breaking. T managed to stop some float-bound peeps and got me some ice to compress it right away…Thank Goodness!

In the following 2 minutes another 4 people went down at the same spot 2 major ankle injuries (one girl’s ankle blew up to a grapefruit in less than 5 minutes ~eeeew~!) and a couple other went down onto their knees.  Uggh!

The rest of the day was spent in the ER and then several malted beverages in local saloons.  The official word:  Right Proximal Fifth Metatarsal Fracture (at least it sounds cooler than it feels).

Saw a lot of cool stuff, but was really looking forward to the run.  Alas…like the Cubbies…there’s always next year!

foot fracture bay to breakers 2007

Greetings programs!

May 20, 2007

How can you go wrong rocking TRON on a Saturday night.  25 years after it’s release (HOLY CRAP) and it’s still wicked!

I mean…really…how cool is it to enter


and get to hear your code say… ‘lemme at em!’

I need to use that somewhere soon.

TRON lightcycles

Tron Light Cycles

Extracting Plesk Backups on Mac OS X

May 20, 2007

Here’s another reason why Mac’s kick ass!  I’m currently managing several sites via the Plesk Control Panel.  Yesterday an issue came up where I needed to get a number of files from a backup for use on a stage machine.  After blowing about 30 minutes on finding the right package and installing it, guess what?!?!?!  Any Mac OS X system with Stuffit 10 (and up) can simply decompress the files and you’re good to go!

Plesk Control Panel

Why it’s not always great to be like Mike

May 13, 2007

Have been doing karting leagues for the last couple weeks to get my mind back into the car in prep for the Summer races. OH boy….now, if you’ve seen me in the last couple years driving, I have think annoying tendency to stick my tongue out while I drive (reminiscent of the all-powerful #23 MJ — although not quite so talented 😉

Well, in the 3rd and final race of the evening, I was battling fatigue and a general crappy frame-of-mind as I ran the fun as all hell Monza circuit at GoKartRacer. Coming out of the last chicane onto the fast front-stretch I misjudged the final turn of the sector a WHAM!!!?!@!$%@?%@ ran into the anchor portion of the turn instead of the flexible end section. CRAP! the whole kart came to a sudden and very definite and abrupt halt. I bit into the protruding tongue, the right side back portion of the meat of the tongue and my left cheek. What a boneheaded move!  Well at least nothing was bitten off!

Rule goin forward…No more mouth breathing with the tongue stickin out. Sheesh!