Extracting Plesk Backups on Mac OS X

Here’s another reason why Mac’s kick ass!  I’m currently managing several sites via the Plesk Control Panel.  Yesterday an issue came up where I needed to get a number of files from a backup for use on a stage machine.  After blowing about 30 minutes on finding the right package and installing it, guess what?!?!?!  Any Mac OS X system with Stuffit 10 (and up) can simply decompress the files and you’re good to go!

Plesk Control Panel

2 Responses to “Extracting Plesk Backups on Mac OS X”

  1. Victor Says:

    How did you get plesk to work? I wanted to use it but I was told that it is not for OS X. Any help would be great.

  2. jasonwiener Says:

    Hi. I wasn’t able to get Plesk to run on Mac, but was able to extract the backups so I could move them over to my local vhost.

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