It’s official…San Jose…YOU SUCK!

While out grabbing coffee this morning, I caught a glance of a headline on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News…”SAN JOSE GRAND PRIX FINISHED.” Those who know me know, the GP was one of the main reasons we moved to the southern-most “ass-end” of the Bay Area. The GP showed the promise of a city pulling itself up (albeit slowly) from the depths of being a dirt-ladened ghetto with a general malaise of being the least respected of the Bay Area’s 3 major cities. Having growing up in an area of Chicago very similar to most of San Jose, and working my ass off to get out of it, I took the dirt and the general moronics of its inhabitants as the opportunity costs to be close to an event that truly kicked ass. At least we got to see this year. It was, by far, the best yet.

I should say, however, that it’s not necessarily that San Jose sucks as being the reason the GP is gone. The Champ Car World Series definitely needs to get their heads out of their ass on several fronts. Disorganized, cheesy and petulant, it (as Mark Purdy so aptly called it today) IS a 3rd-string series no matter what series promoters want to hear. American open-wheeled racing has some serious overhauling to do in the near future if it is to continue.

San Jose has an opportunity to become a great city in its own way. Far more promise than Oakland and a different kind of promise than San Francisco (which will forever be considered “The City” of the Bay Area). It was 10 years since the last time I was in San Jose before moving here in March…hopefully it won’t be another 10 before its a place that makes we want to live here again.

5 Responses to “It’s official…San Jose…YOU SUCK!”

  1. chris Says:

    you are right san jose sucks!

  2. Victor Says:

    I agree 100% San Jose SUCKs ! There is nothing to do, no clean safe nightlife, people have no sense of fashion, and there are too many thugs, and ghetto grown people. If you live in San Jose it is just to Work and Work and Work…. I lived there for 1 year, and couldn’t take it ! San Diego is way….. better. oh, and Santana Row is the only descent place, to shop, eat and night live.

    Thanks !

  3. yep Says:

    Its an ugly-ass scummy-looking place thats for sure, all I care to know.

  4. Suaverico3 Says:

    You know I had a cheap boss who wouldn’t let me land in San Francisco and stay there on business. Instead he said “stay in San Jose”. I didn’t think much of it having heard the song “Do you know the way to San Jose”….also, having heard of Silicone Valley, I figured it must be nice…guess what? San Jose sucks! It’s loaded with ghetto people, shitty neighborhoods, nothing interesting to see, not good restaurants. the semi-shitty motel/hotel looked like it was rented by the hour. Wow, what a shocker. They should write a new song, “please forget the way to San Jose.” I quit that job, and I am still looking for that boss cause he is dead meat, that cheap prick.

  5. Sherilyn Says:

    I agree..san jose does f-ing suck. I’ve lived my whole life here, and there is nothing much exciting to do unless you know some pretty cool people. But if your looking for something interesting san jose is not the place! There are tons of ghetto ass people, with nothing interesting to say. We have a VTA lightrail that goes no where worth going to and is not very reliable either. You drive around everywhere to find the same strip malls with the same stores like Best Buy, Target, or Safeway. SAN JOSE SUUUUCKKKSSS!!!

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