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Elephant on a trampoline!!!

August 22, 2008

Came across this on FFFFound.  Great ani-GIF of an elephant bouncing on a trampoline.  Not sure why it’s so damn cool…but it is.  LOVE the trunk floppin around!

Right-click menus for redesigned Facebook using Firefox!

August 13, 2008

With the recent redesign of Facebook, I’ve been getting questions regarding whether the add-on for Firefox is compatible with the newly redesigned version of Facebook.  After confiming over the last couple weeks with some of the ~500 daily users and the 2,000+ downloaders who have shared emails, the current version of UltimateFacebook is not only fully-compatible with Firefox 3 (and naturally Firefox 2), but also with the newly redesigned version of Facebook.  Install it by clicking here.

The add-on enables you to right-click any Facebook user and:

  • write on their wall
  • send them a message
  • poke them
  • add them to your friends
  • view their friends
  • see a thumbnail of them by rolling over their name in a news feed, photo gallery, etc
  • see how you connect to them
  • tag them
  • bookmark them – a.k.a ‘save them as a crush’ (invisibly — kept private)

ObjC Dictionary (NSMutableDictionary) for all of the States in the United States (U.S.) (US)

August 9, 2008

I’ve been teaching myself ObjC over the last 2 weeks and in one of the test projects I built, I ended up wanting to use a UITableView where an iPhone user could pick from a list of the states in the US.  I tried to Google for one out of laziness and then ended up finding the basic entries I needed in some old project PHP code.  Figured “sharing is caring” so here’s a simple NSMutableDictionary containing all of the states in the United States.  Enjoy.

NSMutableDictionary *dStates;
dStates = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:@"AL - Alabama", @"AK - Alaska", @"AZ - Arizona", @"AR - Arkansas", @"CA - California", @"CO - Colorado", @"CT - Connecticut", @"DE - Delaware", @"DC - District of Columbia", @"FL - Florida", @"GA - Georgia", @"HI - Hawaii", @"ID - Idaho", @"IL - Illinois", @"IN - Indiana", @"IA - Iowa", @"KS - Kansas", @"KY - Kentucky", @"LA - Louisiana", @"ME - Maine", @"MD - Maryland", @"MA - Massachusetts", @"MI - Michigan", @"MN - Minnesota", @"MS - Mississippi", @"MO - Missouri", @"MT - Montana", @"NE - Nebraska", @"NV - Nevada", @"NH - New Hampshire", @"NJ - New Jersey", @"NM - New Mexico", @"NY - New York", @"NC - North Carolina", @"ND - North Dakota", @"OH - Ohio", @"OK - Oklahoma", @"OR - Oregon", @"PA - Pennsylvania", @"RI - Rhode Island", @"SC - South Carolina", @"SD - South Dakota", @"TN - Tennessee", @"TX - Texas", @"UT - Utah", @"VT - Vermont", @"VA - Virginia", @"WA - Washington", @"WV - West Virginia", @"WI - Wisconsin", @"WY - Wyoming", nil];

UltimateFacebook added to Softpedia and certified 100% Clean of Spyware, Adware and Viruses!

August 5, 2008

Woot!  Got an email from the folks at Softpedia!  They’ve just added and reviewed UltimateFacebook, the Mozilla Firefox add-on that makes using Facebook easier and more fun.  It’s beed certified to be 100% Clean of spyware, adware and viruses.  Very cool.  With several 1,000 people now using the add-on, it’s cool to see the social graph grow from the my graph of 200 or so friends in May to almost over 900,000 Facebook users in the graph today.

Here are the links