Post your Nike+ Runs on Twitter (Nike Plus)

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been getting more and more into running again.  While I don’t have the gumption to go run on streets since breaking my foot, I have been hoofing it on the treadmill at least 3-4 times a week.  The challenge has been that I love to update my Twitter and Facebook pages with my status and wanted a simple way to NOT have to update my runs by hand.  So today I’m releasing a VERY alpha version of what I’m calling Twiike (Twitter+Nike).  What it does is watch for me to sync my iPod after runs and posts those runs to Twitter (which I also have wired to update my Facebook status via the Twitter Facebook app).

It’s SUPER easy to use.  Basically login to your Nike+ account, click ‘Share with Friends’ in the upper right corner of the run, click ‘Send to a friend,’ enter ‘’ in the email address field and click the ‘Send it’ button.  You’ll get a welcome mail that will link you to login and enter your Twitter account (or set one up if you don’t have one yet) and VOILA!  Twiike will auto post to Twitter every time you sync after a run.

I’d love feedback on what people like and what people think sucks and where it can be improved enhanced.

Click here to try it out.

Here’s what it looks like on Twitter

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5 Responses to “Post your Nike+ Runs on Twitter (Nike Plus)”

  1. dan Says:

    great great job, mate! luv it, test it, will be back here 2 give my first impressions … thanks!

  2. jasonwiener Says:

    Thanks Dan!

    Definitely let me know how I can make it better.

    I’m planning to change a couple things in the next release:
    -the requirement of sending the email to Twiike to add your account will be replaced with a one-time login with your NikePlus credentials (that will not be stored).
    -publishing your run as mi or km based on your NikePlus default distance scale

    Would love additional suggestions!


  3. Sam Sethi Says:

    Great job and used it tonight. possible suggestion is to show the graphic via a twitpic link?

  4. jasonwiener Says:

    Thanks Sam! Great idea. I’ll definitely work it in. By graphic you mean the graph of the particular run, yes?

  5. mrsrkfj1 Says:

    Thanks, Jason, for the link. Now I have YET another reason to run daily.

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