Updates to Twiike (v.0.2) – Twitter your Nike+ runs!

Just pushed an update to Twiike (figured why not make an update the same time Twitter was doing theirs).

Enhancements in this release:

  • Made signup 1-step using your Nike+ login.  This removes the need to use the “Share with friend” link from within Nike+.
  • Added pulldown menu to set default distance metric (km/mi) on your Twitter settings. This is now used for any runs published.  It’s initially set based on your Nike+ user preferences.
  • Added the user tweets to the Twiike timeline to drive additional traffic for Twiike users
  • Added retrieve your password (which is set to your Nike+ password when you sign up).
  • Added ajax progress bars to all functions that require the server to respond so users don’t think the site is not doing anything

Please keep it coming with the suggestions.  I received a ton today and would love to know how to keep making it better for users.

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2 Responses to “Updates to Twiike (v.0.2) – Twitter your Nike+ runs!”

  1. Dan Bedford Says:

    Hey Jason, thanks for this awesome service…

    One thing though.. I just ran a 5K with an average pace of 8:01… but when Twiike posts to my Twitter, it shows as “08:1/mi pace”. Shouldn’t there be a zero before the one, as in “08:01/mi pace”?


  2. jasonwiener Says:

    Hi Dan!


    Yep. I have a fix coming for that in the next release.


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