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Realizing why driving race cars is so effing awesome!

March 5, 2008

So driving this morning, I finally realized why I LOVE driving race cars so much. It’s the challenge and exhilaration of being on the edge but not over it. When I was a kid, I was the little turn who would poke someone just 1 time less than what it’d take to completely send them over the edge and, all the while, keeping me (somewhat) endearing. Yesterday, on the way home, I got my little car to solidly rotate into a turn (whoops happened to be on a public street) and it kinda just hit me. I had a smaller revelation the first time I got a racing car to rotate at Mid-Ohio, but this time it was different. The time it happened at Mid-O (and every time after), came from a tense ‘oh shit please keep me hooked up so I don’t die’ approach to a corner. This time, it was much more under control…and surprisingly…much smoother and quicker feeling. Guess it’s a tactile thing.

As I’ve read books like the Speed Secrets series and Skip Barber’s Going Faster, instructors and coaches always talk about being on the edge. But it wasn’t until this morning’s childhood regression that I finally connected the dots.

As we all (racing drivers that is) are trying to find ‘that thing’ that makes us faster. This is one barrier, I’m REALLY excited to have identified and broken through the was it feels like it should be.

FINALLY! The IRL & Champ Car (CART) get their heads out of their asses!

February 22, 2008

52 minutes ago it was finally ‘leaked’ on Yahoo! News that the IRL’s Tony George and Champ Car’s Kevin Kalkhoven and Jerry Forsythe have all gotten their respective shit together and unified American Open Wheel racing. BAD ASS! Now, ditch both of your respective marketing departments, go hire Weiden & Kennedy (aka Nike’s agency) and put together a marketing package that’ll get people into the seats. Bigger crowds, unified driver line ups, and hopefully a bad ass season of racing is what, may, be ahead of us. This year may be a step in the right direction and next season has a chance to really shine!

Champ Cart IRL unite!

Read it at Yahoo! News!

10,000+ video views on YouTube!

September 12, 2007

Woohoo! Since my first post on YouTube about a year ago, my videos have now passed the 10,000 view mark. Considering they only focus on Skip Barber, F2000 and Formula Continental racing…I’m rather pleased.

Check it out

It’s official…San Jose…YOU SUCK!

September 12, 2007

While out grabbing coffee this morning, I caught a glance of a headline on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News…”SAN JOSE GRAND PRIX FINISHED.” Those who know me know, the GP was one of the main reasons we moved to the southern-most “ass-end” of the Bay Area. The GP showed the promise of a city pulling itself up (albeit slowly) from the depths of being a dirt-ladened ghetto with a general malaise of being the least respected of the Bay Area’s 3 major cities. Having growing up in an area of Chicago very similar to most of San Jose, and working my ass off to get out of it, I took the dirt and the general moronics of its inhabitants as the opportunity costs to be close to an event that truly kicked ass. At least we got to see this year. It was, by far, the best yet.

I should say, however, that it’s not necessarily that San Jose sucks as being the reason the GP is gone. The Champ Car World Series definitely needs to get their heads out of their ass on several fronts. Disorganized, cheesy and petulant, it (as Mark Purdy so aptly called it today) IS a 3rd-string series no matter what series promoters want to hear. American open-wheeled racing has some serious overhauling to do in the near future if it is to continue.

San Jose has an opportunity to become a great city in its own way. Far more promise than Oakland and a different kind of promise than San Francisco (which will forever be considered “The City” of the Bay Area). It was 10 years since the last time I was in San Jose before moving here in March…hopefully it won’t be another 10 before its a place that makes we want to live here again.

Road America SCCA Regional race – 08/25/2007 Formula 2000!

August 30, 2007

To get back into a Formula 2000 car after a year and the broken foot which kept me out of this race season, I traveled to Road America over the last weekend to dip my foot (all puns intended) back in the waters of race cars. I definitely drove with my purse in the car overslowing way too much at key points, but still had great times. Having been out of a car for a year and never driving Road America in a F2000 car, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was nothing but fun fun fun. I’ll give the hardcore reset in the next couple days. In the mean time, here’s some video from Race1. Qualified 5 in FC class (15 running) and 6th over all (33 cars running). Finished 4th in class and 5th overall. The video is a battle for 4th , starting around the halfway point in the race.


Why it’s not always great to be like Mike

May 13, 2007

Have been doing karting leagues for the last couple weeks to get my mind back into the car in prep for the Summer races. OH boy….now, if you’ve seen me in the last couple years driving, I have think annoying tendency to stick my tongue out while I drive (reminiscent of the all-powerful #23 MJ — although not quite so talented 😉

Well, in the 3rd and final race of the evening, I was battling fatigue and a general crappy frame-of-mind as I ran the fun as all hell Monza circuit at GoKartRacer. Coming out of the last chicane onto the fast front-stretch I misjudged the final turn of the sector a WHAM!!!?!@!$%@?%@ ran into the anchor portion of the turn instead of the flexible end section. CRAP! the whole kart came to a sudden and very definite and abrupt halt. I bit into the protruding tongue, the right side back portion of the meat of the tongue and my left cheek. What a boneheaded move!  Well at least nothing was bitten off!

Rule goin forward…No more mouth breathing with the tongue stickin out. Sheesh!

Yesterday was a wreck…literally!

January 29, 2007

Went out for a last minute stint at the kart track. My kart decided to cranky so at the end of the day, my buddy Carlos and I went out together on 2 of his karts. I took out his ICC and he took his moto shifter. The ICC was way more twitchy than normal. The shift linkage was really stiff and power was as chaotic as when I was 14 and trying to keep the parents from finding my first Playboy. Uggh. Coming into turn 2, I missed a shift and went wide in the sweeper. Carlos was right on my tail and tried to take the position on the inside. He got in too hot, got MASSIVE understeer and WHAMO! drove into my back wheel, up my right arm, over my shoulder and kartwheeled into the hay/tires. What a mess. He ended up with a broken collarbone and elbow and a sep’d shoulder. Totally sucked! I think the whole day ended up with 7 laps in total. Carlos’s OK, but will be out of action for a couple months. Complete bummer. I’ve seen tumbles like that a bunch on the web, but that was the first time I got to see the underside of a kart at 50MPH. I’d prefer not to do that again.

Nike + is such a PLUS!

January 4, 2007

Today was the best run yet. Nearly broke 5mi in 45mins. The NikePlus gizmo for my iPod Nano is a Godsend. If you really want to get serious about training though, use it with a Polar Heart Monitor (I use the S625X). You don’t need the REALLY SUPERSIZED POLAR shoe pod, cuz the Nike+ attachment takes care of that. It’s better to watch your heartrate if you’re really gonna be banging out the distance.

For race training I do cardio for 45mins at 155-160 avg bpm (although i was at 146 today) and be in my VO2 max for the last 15 mins @ 172-177 bpm.

Having the NikePlus tracker with my iPod Nano is SUCH the way to train. Since I have super-flat feet, I can’t run in the Nike shoes made for the Nike+ dohickey. I’ve made a realy nice and basic velcro holder for it to go on top of my shoe. If anyone wants instructions on how to rig it, let me know (post a comment) and I can post the recipe. Mine’s a little nicer and more portable when compared to the others I’ve seen detailed.

Nike Plus run log

Practice – Blackhawk Oct2006

December 30, 2006

A number of people have been asking for the link to the over-the-shoulder cam footage from Blackhawk.

The car is Thomson Racing’s RF02 F2000 Zetec in Cooper Series trim. We ran it in the Formula Atlantic class. This was the practice day for the SCCA Regionals in wet/drying-conditions. Great Track!

Racing seats…SUCH the right tool for the job!

December 30, 2006

In preparation for the 07 season (a season which will definitely top all those before for me), I began the videogame-side of training about a month ago. It works into the daily workout at 3 parts, once for an hour after fatiguing my body with my trainer and running 5 miles; once for an hour mid-day at lunchtime when I’m recovered from the morning workout; and once for a half-hour before I go to sleep and am not so alert.

This week my back started hurting pretty hardcore as I kept finding myself hunched over the wheel and definitely didn’t have the right ergo setup to mimic my body position in the car. Then, this past Wednesday was when I clinched needing a definite change. While at the gym, something went out of whack in my mid-back while doing crunches of all things. What the hell is that about?!?!?!?!

Today, with the assistance of a great eBayer, I picked up a Playseat Evolution chair. While the ergos are still not exactly what I’ll have in the F2000 car this year (the seat is 8 degrees shallow on the back angle instead of the 30 degrees commonly found open wheelers), it is WAY BETTER than hanging on my retro chairs and coffee table.

If you’re race training and you’re including a console/gaming component to your program, pick one up.

I did also see BobEarl’s chair after picking up mine (looks like it may be close to open wheel specs) and it may be a good one to try as well. Links are below for both.