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Brilliant! This may be the 1st time someone’s trumped Starbucks!

February 13, 2006

Standing in line for coffee this morning at Peet’s Coffee in Palo Alto, something that hasn’t gone through my head in ages passed this an electric shock. “Send an eCup to someone.” I haven’t been able to find out if Starbucks is doing something like this (since their site is throwing MS OLE errors) but this may, in fact, be the first trump I’ve seen in ages on Starbucks. I like it. I’m gonna use it. Bravo!

PS: Pardon the ease in which I’m entertained this am…

People liking the Python NLP Part-of-Speech tagger…

February 9, 2006

Being up for just under 3 weeks, the NLP part-of-speech tagger I ported to Python has hit the 100th download.  Not bad for my first Python attempt.  Thanks everyone (or at least 100 of ya :)).